how I WORK

Jump in
Lead by example
Make time

Creative ideas are important
Confidence in yourself is paramount
We all started somewhere
Remembering that is crucial

Set realistic expectations
Show up
Foster communication
And above all - TRUST YOUR GUT



ABOVE the chicken wars


It was 2020 and the Chicken Wars were at their peak. So, what did the countries 'first in fried chicken' do about it?


Absolutely, nothing.


Instead, they let the competition destroy each other in a media frenzy of accusations and downright disses. As the crumbs settled, Church's took this 'cease-fire' as an opportunity to launch their very first fried Chicken Sandwich.


I was brought in to lead the launch of this sandwich. From conception through presentation - shoot to edit - my team and I delivered creative that put Church's New Chicken Sandwich in the national spotlight. And we did it all without one negative word toward our competition. 

Spawned by an overwhelmingly positive response on Twitter, Church's asked us to develop a sister version to our launch spot. We aggregated real Tweets, vetted the accounts and designed them to fit within our launch construct - all in under two weeks

We followed up the launch with new uniform designs for Church's restaurant employees. The idea - design a uniform that reflects current fashion trends - offering employees something they would actually WANT to wear. A matching COVID-19 mask completed the look. 

Churchs T-Shirts_Page_2.jpg
Churchs T-Shirts_Page_1.jpg
Churchs T-Shirts_Page_3.jpg




How did we help Chevrolet partner with two of the most iconic franchises of all time?


We 'LEGO-ized' everything - including our own 'Real People' broadcast campaign.


We supported the national TV spot with handmade LEGO billboards and a full-scale Batmobile (made entirely of LEGO's) which was revealed at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. We also projected Batman's iconic 'Bat-Signal' on GM's Renaissance Center for the duration of the show. The media ate this campaign up - saw unprecedented web traffic, the movie grossed over $175 million and the folks at Cannes found room on the shortlist, as did the One Show.



a just world for women & girls

 I first had the pleasure of working with Equality Now during my time at Parsons.


A postcard campaign I designed was published and distributed to raise awareness for some very disturbing issues women were facing around the globe. Tragically, many of these issues are still very much a reality, amplified by the current pandemic. 


This inspired me to revisit my work.

This poster campaign uses the globally-recognized gender symbols to graphically depict some of the most frightening issues females continue to face worldwide - each supported with an alarming fact.


Get the word out at


"Under Tunisian law RAPE of a female under the age of twenty can be ‘settled’ by marriage.
Get the word out at"


"Most Iranian girls who are forced into GENITAL CIRCUMCISION are under the age of seven. Get the word outat"


"Kenyan fathers are selling their daughters into HUMAN TRAFFICKING in efforts to make ends meet during the COVID-19 pandemic. Get the word out at"


hittsville u.s.a.

It was one of those rare opportunities to be part of something special.


Motown was in need of a pro-bono campaign to drive local traffic to their iconic recording studio and museum - and we were lucky enough to get the brief.

What went on behind the walls of 2648 W Grand Boulevard - revolutionized everything outside. Shifting the countries perceptions toward race and equality at a time when anything but acceptance was the norm.

Some of my earliest memories were riding in the back of my mom's AMC Spirit blasting the Four Tops. Needless to say, I was honored to be part of such an iconic endeavor.



gillette fusion



While working on Gillette, we did our fair share of glorified shaving spots and print ads. That's what worked for them. And that's OK.


But we always realized there was more for the leader in mens grooming.


We came up with the 'Gillette Zamboni' and fought like hell to sell it through. We finally got the opportunity, albeit in Canada.

Trust was built, fun was had, and that ice was never smoother. 




Chevrolet has been building the strongest, most dependable pickup trucks on the road.

To celebrate this centennial we painstakingly recreated historic Chevy truck ads - but stripped in a modern Chevy truck. These ads ran on consecutive right-hand pages in tier-one automotive magazines. You would come across the original ad (exactly as it ran in the 50's, 70's or 80's) followed by the exact same ad - but with updated art and copy.



This project was an art director's dream - executed with help from incredible Detroit-based illustrators, photographers and retouchers. D&AD, ADC & Cannes all seem to agree.


the first in safety

 I was responsible for communicating Michelin's ever-present commitment to safety through the eyes of 'Bibendum', aka the Michelin Man.


What did his world look like? Who was in it? How did he interact within it? And more importantly, with others? All these questions were answered during the creative journey, one that began with an exceptionally rendered key frame from the industry-leading animation studio, Psyop.


We witnessed Bib's world come to life frame by frame, which resulted in an anthem spot that captured the very essence of their new Michelin Premier Tire - SAFE when new, SAFE when worn. 

 Driving is an immense responsibility.


Especially when you have never done it before.


Michelin wanted to exemplify the importance of teen-driver safety in a medium that they understood - social. We sourced real #FIRSTCARMOMENTS from teen drivers and pieced together a narrative that spoke directly to their parents. The result was a compelling video with a simple takeaway - 'You made them happy, now keep them safe.'